Clay Rattles

gr5rattle4.jpg  gr5rattle3.jpg

Fifth grade students learned how to construct a rattle using two pinch pots and small beads of clay.  The clay beads were wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside the two pinch pots that were attached to make a hollow body .  Once they formed the rattle part, they had a choice of what to turn their rattle into.   By gently pulling and pressing the rattle base students were able to transform their rattles into abstract characters, bears, cats, lizards, a car and more!  The students did a great job scoring their parts before attaching them and were careful not to make parts too thin-making for a successful, musical art project!

gr5rattles1.jpg  gr5rattle7.jpg  gr5rattle6.jpg gr5rattle5.jpg gr5rattle2.jpg

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