Eat a Rainbow Everyday!

art-spring-2010-food4.jpg   art-spring-2010-food1.jpg    art-spring-2010-food3.jpgart-spring-2010-food2.jpg

Artists use art to send messages.  An art career that uses art and design to convey messages is a graphic designer.  In our school, we are trying to practice at eating right to develop healthy minds and bodies.  Eating a rainbow of foods everyday can help.  Students painted a fruit or vegetable of each rainbow color.  The student artists were only given primary colors plus black and white, so they needed to use their art skills and tools (color wheel) to remember how to mix the secondary colors.  All of the fruits and vegetables were then cut out and glued into a group mural of a rainbow.  One mural included cauliflower clouds as well because we decided that white veggies, like cauliflower, parsnips and potatoes, were not only delicious, but nutritious!

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