On Friday afternoons we have an exploratory class. This quarter each teacher is teaching about a country. I am introducing students about the culture, holidays, arts and traditions of Israel. Last week we started learning about Chanukah.

Today Leah’s grandmother, Mrs. Marina Singer, came to our Israel exploratory to teach us about Chanukah. Mrs. Singer read a story of the history of Chanukah, taught us how to light the menorah, shared a prayer, taught us a song in Hebrew and one in English. Part of a Chanukah celebration is eating foods fried in oil, and Mrs. Singer brought in donuts that are similar to ones that would be served in Israel. We also learned how to play the driedel game and used chocolate money!

Thank you Mrs. Singer for coming to school to teach us about Chanukah! We learned a lot and had fun all at the same time!





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