Starry, Starry Night

Students in kindergarten have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting Starry Night. The students looked carefully at the painting, observing the variety of lines Mr. Van Gogh used, how many stars were in his painting and how he used size and scale to make objects look close or far away.

Our project started off by using compressed sponges cut into the shape of stars. Students “activated” the sponge stamp by dipping it in water and ringing it out. They used yellow tempera paint to stamp at least eleven stars, which is how many Mr. Van Gogh had in his painting. The second week we added a variety of lines to make an active sky and painted it with tempera watercolors. To finish off our project, we used black construction paper to cut out trees and houses in silhouette. Details were added to houses to make them look lit at night.starry2.jpg



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